Josh Ritter @ The Pageant – May 20th, 2016

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Josh Ritter is another indie singer-songwriter to add to my ever-growing list of artists to check out. Josh has actually been around the scene for some years now and in fact the show was filled with people that were solely devout fans. I overheard many conversations about the fun of past shows, how long they felt he might play that night, and the over all elation of being able to see someone that is truly amazing to experience live as a fan. To be someone who is amazing live though you have to have a handful of things working for you in my opinion, 1) a catalog of songs that is heavily celebrated by your fan base, 2) integrity in the art you produce, 3) engagement with the crowd, and 4) a pure feeling of enjoyment in playing your music for people. Josh passed all these qualifications with flying colors. He was enjoyable to watch perform and often had a smile glaring from ear to ear. This level of positive energy permeated through the room, as within the first 3 songs Josh was jumping around stage and the crowd was on their feet holler in support. It was a great night of live music and I now have a even longer list of music to check out on Spotify!


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