Bloc Party @ The Pageant – May 26th, 2016

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Bloc Party was the 2nd show I had been looking forward to the most this month. In case you are not familiar Bloc Party is an English rock group that in 2005 released their debut Silent Alarm, which in my opinion is one of the most influential indie rock albums released in the last 10 years. Since then the band has grown, changing the lineup a bit over the years and releasing five studio albums. I would say the band started off edgy with hints of rock/punk influence and an undertone of Clash influenced song structures that helped them claim their place in their genre. With their recent release Hymns you can now hear some of their pop influence more in the forefront, with a more positive dance oriented structure of song writing. Seeing them live though I couldn’t help but notice that the room was not picking up on that vibe. If you go to a Bloc Party show you should be prepared to let your body enjoy the music, it’s okay to dance at a rock show and I feel that was the one thing that was lacking among the crowd that evening. I was happy to add these guys to my portfolio, and I kind of lost my shit in the pit when they played “Positive Tension” two songs in. I love it when that happens when I’m shooting, hearing a song that just gets your adrenaline going as you are photographing can be awesomely intense!


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