Eagles of Death Metal @ The Pageant – May 24th, 2016

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This show is one I was looking forward to seeing the most this month. There have been two other times Eagles of Death Metal (EODM) have played St. Louis since 2006 and on both occasions I missed seeing them. The fact that I was finally able to see them live as well as photograph them made for a great night all around. Before the show vocalist Jesse Hughes could be found walking around Delmar, hanging outside of Pi, engaging in conversation with fans, and posing for selfies with anyone who asked. Seeing this before the show I knew their performance was going to be something special for the crowd. Little did I know that opening act Thelma and the Sleaze were going to combust, starting this show off like an engine full throttle.

As I walked into the venue I could already hear Thelma and the Sleaze playing, as they took stage about 10 minutes early, and talk about hit the ground running! This motley group of rocker chicks rocked the hell out of the crowd. They were perfect as an opening act, full of energy and they addressed the crowd making them feel part of their set. Although this triumphant act was only the precursor to the main event, and when EODM took stage the crowd exploded.

As the band took stage they pretty much received a standing ovation, Jesse was in fact cheesing with the crowd so badly that his band mates almost had to start the opening song without him. As Jesse quickly slung his instrument across his neck you knew he was clocking in for duty. I say this because this band are musicians that are also entertainers, and they perform their duties like well seasoned craftsman. The intensity was off the charts, so much so that at one point Jesse climbed to the balcony to jam on the guitar as the crowd below were hollering almost louder than the band! It was a great night and the type of live show that you don’t experience enough these days. If you want to see a true rock “act” then go see EODM, really you don’t even have to be a fan of their music to enjoy their shows. If you like live music, dancing, and having a few drinks to cut loose then EODM is perfect for you!


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