Motion City Soundtrack @ The Pageant – June 3rd, 2016

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It was interesting to shoot a show that was on a bands farewell tour, it was also interesting to see a band do this that got their start in my lifetime. Motion City Soundtrack formed in Minneapolis in 1997 and really carved a niche for themselves by hitting a sweet spot in a market where high school kids were listening to both pop punk and emo music. Although very few bands at that time had blended those two styles together but when Motion City hit the scene it struck accord with an angst ridden youth as much of their lyric content focused on substance abuse, dealing with mental disorders, broken relationships, and understanding the human condition. For many people in the room this evening you could see what Motion City meant to them and how sad they were to see this chapter in music come to a close. I myself had only seen them and photographed them once before at Warped Tour a few years ago and I’ll have to say in seeing them again, literally for the last time on tour, I feel they left their fans with a parting gift that will carry on for years to come! The best thing about music is that all you have to do his hit “play” and you have a time machine that will take you back to where ever you want to be. Music is magical and it always lives on, you just have to listen.


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