Sarah Silverman @ The Pageant – June 6th, 2016

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It is always fun to photograph a comedian and it’s even a bigger deal when the entertainer has a very well known career. Sarah Silverman is one of those cross over comics who has had success with stand-up, as well as in film and on TV. She even had her own show on Comedy Central at one point. I have always personally liked her forward “almost in your face” style of comedy, and to me she has almost fit into a bit of a “dream girl” type mold. She is attractive, forward, confident, loves to say “fuck”, doesn’t shy away from sex talk, and will stand up to debate her point of view. With the state of the world it seems like most entertainers are trying to use their celebrity status to keep honest political discussions in the forefront of our society. I feel that Sarah being able to state and debate her point of view in this arena might have been the driving force for this tour. I have no problem with this at all. The more we discuss, the more we share, the more we laugh, and the more we promote free open debate the better off we will be as a community. It was refreshing to go to an event, laugh, and be exposed to someones ideas without feeling preached to. It is nice to see an entertainer use their platform for something meaningful, while still being completely entertaining for the crowd. I was happy to catch Sarah’s performance and add her to the portfolio!


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