The Claypool | Lennon Delirium @ The Pageant June 12th, 2016

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Last Sunday (6/12) Les Claypool and Sean Lennon brought their new collaboration to The Pageant, which is appropriately named “The Claypool Lennon Delirium”. As I was waiting in the pit I kept trying to fathom how exactly this eclectic pairing of musicians was going to sound like. Sean’s band, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, was on tour opening for Primus and the two decided to start a side project. From following Claypool’s career I know that when he is paired with a guitarist they have to be just as experimental with their instrument. Playing with Claypool often involves non-traditional time signatures, and possessing the ability to a lay down a solo over some pretty complex bass playing. Not being as familiar with Sean’s catalog, although having photographed him with The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger a couple years back, I had no concept of how he was going to mix with the bass stylings of Claypool. As the two took stage, with the crowd eagerly greeting them, I was pleased to hear some fantastically constructed songs. Eclectic and filled with riffs that at times were very “chunky”, mixed with vocals from both Sean and Claypool that blended well with the style of their songs. I stuck around for about 8 songs and as the set went on some songs got more experimental. They seemed more like intervals in between songs, kind of comparable to what The Flaming Lips does on some of their albums. Their debut release Monolith of Phobos is on my Spotify list of albums to check out and I can’t wait to hear how the studio version of their material sounds!


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