Speedy Ortiz @ Firebird – June 16th, 2016

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For anyone counting along with me, this was my 45th show of the year. I have a personal goal of keeping track of and scheduling to attend 100 shows this year, in trying to accomplish this I spend a lot of my time shooting as House Photographer for The Pageant. To keep my skills sharp I try to make time to cover shows at other venues in town, and on Thursday June 16th I had the opportunity to cover Speedy Ortiz for Pagan Productions. This also brought me back to Firebird for the first time in over a year and it ended up being a nice change of pace. I had a lot of fun shooting an awesome up and coming indie act, lead by an expressively entertaining 90’s influenced front women named Sadie Dupuis. When the band took stage it quickly transpired into an intimate club show that was so fluent that the band was almost conversational with the audience in between songs. It was great to see a room filled with die hards freaking out to see “their band” up close and personal. For me it was also a happy return to a venue I spent a lot of time cutting my teeth in. Enjoy the pics, and if you are searching for some new indie rock that brings a breath of fresh air to the 90’s style rock music you so dearly hold on to then you must check out Speedy Ortiz!


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