The Jayhawks @ The Pageant – June 26th, 2016

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The Jayhawks was the last show I shot in June and it was a great way to finish out the month. The Jayhawks released their first record in 1986 and have maintained a devout following over the years. From what I could tell from experiencing them live, I feel they are an indie rock band that was ahead of their time. I actually stopped my buddy in the photo pit while I was covering the show to comment on how much their sound reminded me of Dawes. That statement should actually be reversed as Dawes came out many years after The Jayhawks, but that made me think of how progressive their sound was at a time in rock music when the mainstream was not ready to consume and digest what they were writing. I find it an act of artistic brilliance to compose music that is progressive, yet valid 30 years after it’s inception. If you have no knowledge of the Jayhawks but are a fan of alt-county like Dawes, Ryan Adams, and Butch Walker then would probably appreciate much of The Jayhawks catalog.


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