Black Lips @ Firebird – July 8th, 2016

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Earlier this month I covered Black Lips at Firebird for Pagan Productions and had a great time. I find that I enjoy Firebird most when it is filled at about 1/2 of it’s capacity, it’s comfortable to move around and still houses enough people that the room seems full without it being overly packed. Although by the time Black Lips took stage the room was tightly pressed close to the stage, and everyone was very excited to see a band that most of them had not yet experienced live. I’ll have to admit I was geeking out a bit when the band took stage, as it was kind of epic. With a smoke machine on high and dramatic floor lighting that popped off to make huge silhouettes of each band member, it was hard to remember that you were seeing this act in a small club. This was totally a band that was use to playing bigger stages in other cities, but collectively I think everyone was digging the intimate vibe that Firebird is so well know for. Good times all around! For upcoming Pagan shows please visit their site:


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