Corey Smith @ The Pageant – July 16th, 2016

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This makes the 2nd time I’ve covered a Corey Smith show, and it’s funny because this time around I got some attention from the crowd that I wasn’t expecting. I have recently started growing a beard and I’m bald, not putting the connection to Corey Smith together until I got there. Corey is also bald with a beard so I had many giggly drunk women asking me if I was Corey’s brother. No I am not related to Corey, and unfortunately all of us bald dudes with beards must look alike. I mainly shot this show as I think it’s unique that The Pageant brings so much variety through the venue. With this being one of the few country shows to grace the stage this year, I felt that it was important to document the show to share with out local community. Country music is actually kind of big deal in our market, and fans should totally keep an eye on The Pageant to catch the next country artist that comes through the venue. Seeing an act you truly love at The Pageant is amazing due to the benefits of it being a mid-size concert club. For upcoming shows please check their concert calendar at this link:


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