Violent Femmes @ The Pageant – July 14th, 2016

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This is one to check off the bucket list for sure!!! Not only did Violent Femmes release their first record in 16 years this past March, they also followed it up with an extensive U.S. tour. When this was announced I totally screamed an expletive of joy from my cubical at work, and everyone knew that last Thursday I definitely had plans that I couldn’t break. As the Femmes took stage The Pageant was packed to the gills and the crowd was just freaking out!!! The band opened the show with “Blister in the Sun” followed by “Kiss Off”, which I thought was an awesome move. Knowing that they had to play those songs anyway, and that the crowd was probably equally filled with die hard fans and fair weather ones. Those who were only familiar with the bands commercial hits could for all intensive purposes be done for the night, and it was like the band played those hits from the get go so they could ease the crowd into the type of set that they wanted to play for them. If you haven’t grabbed a copy of their latest record (We Can Do Anything), you must, as it fits really well into the bands catalog. Within the first 6 songs they blew through new tracks such as “I Could Be Anything” and “Holy Ghost”. For me I was happy to hear them play anything, and I personally love their new record so I was prepared to enjoy those tracks just as much as “the classics”. Seriously, if you can catch this tour in a city near you…DO IT! I’m not sure how many other chances we’ll get to catch this band on tour again, and they tremendously helped shape music throughout the 80’s and 90’s. So pleased to have seen them live!


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