Glass Animals @ The Pageant – July 22nd, 2016

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Glass Animals was another show that caught me by surprise. A buddy of mine had told me, after catching the bands set at Forecastle, that I needed to be ready for a very energetic front man. He was not joking, front man Dave Bayley was just determined to have a great time and make sure the crowd joined in on the fun as well. Having kicked his shoes off after the 2nd song, the socked foot vocalist jammed on the guitar and shimmed across stage. This delighted the crowd immensely and let to quite a frenzy in the crowd. The Pageant was also sold out that night and it didn’t seem to bother the audience, who just wanted to dance to the sounds of one of their favorite acts. It was a high energy show with lots of lighting affects to visually stimulate the crowd. It was also a night I left saying, “those crazy kids” and that is about the best way to sum up this live concert experience for me.


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