Lake Street Dive @ The Pageant – August 8th, 2016

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I could not have picked a better show to start this months slew of shows out! Lake Street Dive is a band that is unique, to say the least, because I can never really pin point what their sound is. When I describe them to people I say they are like this rock, pop, soul, and jazz tinged mix that really leaves you in a feel good state of mind. They remind me of being on vacation and hanging in the busy entertainment district of a Southern town. Maybe somewhere like Beale Street comes to mind, and actually my assessment is quite fitting because they got their name from a street in Minneapolis that is home to several dive bars. I also feel how they got their name and why they chose it has a big affect on how they write their music. They are so much more than a bar band though, and last night Lake Street Dive brought a such an awesomely comfortable atmosphere to a decent sized concert club. The band was lively, animated, and engaging with the crowd which only helped to encourage the mixed audience of fans to collectively use any aisle space they had around them to dance along with the music. It was such a fun night to photograph and a truly a great experience to see a live band that just loves performing for a crowd.


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