Hiatus Kaiyote @ The Pageant – August 9th, 2016

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One of the greatest benefits of being House Photographer at The Pageant is the fact that they have such a vast lineup of acts that come through the venue. Anytime an act is announced that I have no familiarity with, I try to make sure I make the show. It’s good for me to experience new things, and it’s a great opportunity for the venue to share coverage of an act that might not be very familiar to our market. Hiatus Kaiyote is a prime example of an awesome chance to experience a truly unique band!

Showing up that evening I didn’t know what to expect from a crowd aspect. Before the band took stage a couple at the barricade started discussing their love of the band with me. In fact they flew all the way from Texas to catch the show, which made me realize that I was about to capture a band that was kind of special. Below are the Top 5 things I found most interesting about this act:

  1. They hail from Australia.
  2. They are classified as a “Neo-Soul, Future Soul, Jazz-Funk” act, and honestly after seeing them I still have no idea what “neo-soul” is. All I can say is technically they know their shit when it comes to manning their instruments!
  3. Front-woman Naomi “Nai Palm” Saalfield can not only play the hell out of the guitar, but her voice is obviously trained with a lot of jazz influence which mixes fantastically with their style. Her look is also interesting, and she is a bit mesmerizing at times to watch on stage!
  4. Their fan base is very diverse and seemed to consist of those who are into funk, rap, modern jazz, and electronic music.
  5. Kaiyote is actually not a word, but that’s more than okay…neither is “pompitous” but that doesn’t stop anyone from loving the Steve Miller song “The Joker”.

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