Boys Like Girls 10th Anniversary Tour @ The Pageant – August 13th, 2016

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This made show #57 for the year for Indie Image STL. Some shows I cover I’m personally vested in, and some others are sometimes feel like just a number along the way to hitting my goal of shooting a 100 shows this year. I have to admit I eased into August, taking this show casually to keep myself sharp. What I walked into was an intimate club setting of a show with fans who had been waiting 10 years to see Boys Like Girls live. This made for some unexpected intense bursts of excitement that I could almost feel on the back of my neck as I shot this bands set. This just goes to show that shooting a concert is never a “regular thing”, music is alive and live music has an unexpected quality that makes it so magical for our souls to experience. Enjoy the pics, support bands by seeing them live, and never let the music die homies!


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