Bud Light Party Convention 2016 @ The Pageant – August 18th, 2016

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This is the second year I’ve covered the Bud Light Party Convention, which featured Dashboard Confessional and Charli XCX. If you have never tried to get into this event before it’s worth the effort to experience. It is very much a VIP experience that includes all the Bud Light you can drink, and St. Louis favorites catered like Toasted Ravioli. Not to mention there is also DJ’s spinning tunes all night, as well as great live acts that you get to experience in a rocking concert club. I was personally stoked for Dashboard Confessional, whom I’ve always missed the chance to see live. Although they played a very short set, it was packed with hits and crowd favorites. I was a little disappointed at the electric performance of tracks off of The Places That You’ve Come To Fear The Most, but all artists have to grow I guess. With that album being released 15 years ago I probably missed the boat on experiencing Dashboard as they sounded on that record. Nevertheless it was great to enjoy a few cold ones, and see a band I’ve waited a long time to see live!


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