Kurt Vile @ The Pageant – August 23rd, 2016

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Kurt Vile kind of took the indie rock scene by storm with his single, “Pretty Pimpin'”, off his release titled B’lieve I’m Goin Down. Even though he has been putting out records since 2008, his latest release has helped to push him to the forefront. There is not much I can really say though about this show, other than I really want to love Kurt Vile but I find myself continually wanting more from him. His catalog is not bad, but it’s kind of hit and miss for me as I find his records often loose steam and drift off between tracks. Sadly, I left this show with the same sentiment. If you are a Kurt Vile fan please don’t take offense, I think he is a very talented song writer. I unfortunately haven’t been able to find one record of his that I can fully embrace. I have not given up on listening to him though, and I look forward to seeing where his career takes him.


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