Rival Sons @ The Pageant – September 6th, 2016

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Rival Sons is an act that I’m always surprised more people don’t know about. They are a group that hails from Long Beach and has been around since 2009, and also have 5 releases in their catalog. If you are a fan of classic rock that is bluesy with a southern rock edge then you are really missing out by not checking this group out. Die-hards of the likes of Led Zeppelin have a new torch to burn after discovering this band! This evening at The Pageant Rival Sons took the stage like a veteran rock act, jamming out chunky riffs with lead runs that pierced the air as lead vocalist¬†Jay Buchanan belted out his signature soulful wail. One of the best things about this act is how their music flows when they get into the groove of one of their songs. The drummer has these driving beats with quick fills, and well placed cymbal crashes that just resonate so well with the wail of screeching treble toned lead scales that makes up the basis for many of their songs. The power of their sound was so much better live and that is so awesome to experience!


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