6th Annual Interfaith Concert @ The Sheldon – September 11th, 2016

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The 6th Annual Interfaith Concert was actually a 15th Anniversary commemoration of 9/11 in music. It consisted of about 11 different vocal groups and choirs, that was made up of students from grade school and high school. There were also cultural groups performing traditional pieces of music to spread the underlining focus of the evening, which was to also celebrate unity and cultural diversity in St. Louis. The program of events also featured user submitted videos that were montages that different members of our local youth community put together. The videos gave them a chance to express their views on the state of cultural affairs among different races in our city. The main goal of the evening appeared to be to fight adversity by embracing diversity. The evenings performances were also followed by a local artist showcase set up on Washington Ave in front of the concert hall. It was a free event for the public and it had a great turnout. In fact as I walked through the venue I could only spot maybe 20 open seats in the balcony! Presenting a positive feeling of hope for the future is what I feel the overall message of this event was, and I personally left feeling hopeful about the potential our city has in the future. We are so much more than just a “Midwestern town”, and I look forward to seeing how the younger generation deals with¬†breaking through that stigma in the years to come.


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