Beth Hart @ The Pageant – September 17th, 2016

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This show was one that I walked into completely unfamiliar with the artist, which is actually a fun thing to do because it often leads to discovering something new. Beth’s career started out in 1993 when she had many appearances on Ed McMahon’s Star Search, which she won the female vocalist competition on that season. Later that year she put out her debut album, and since then has released 10 solo albums as well as 3 additional albums where she collaborated with Joe Bonamassa. She had also collaborated with Slash at some point in her career. Having been in the business that long and having so many successful collaborations with well known musicians, it came as no surprise that she still has a very devout fan base. Last Saturday at The Pageant I was happy to walk into a venue that was decently full, well over 1/2 capacity of it’s capacity.

As Beth took stage the seated crowd rose to their feet with an outburst of screams, whistles, and claps. The artist took note of the welcoming as she had a huge smile going into her opening number. I was also expecting her to man a guitar, but to my surprise she is actually a pianist and a very talented one at that. What I found so fun about photographing her is that I could see the excitement build on her face with every song in her set, which showed a genuine love for what she does. She is truly a gifted artist and I was very honored to have the opportunity to cover this show.


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