Slayer + Anthrax = Metal As F**K @ The Pageant – September 22nd, 2016

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Last Thursday was one for the bucket list for sure! If you are a metal fan you undeniably have heard of, and were affected by the music of Slayer and Anthrax. It was so awesome to show up to The Pageant and see a metal show so sold out that finding a parking spot was a challenge. The fans that attended were so excited to see these acts, many times in between bands there was a roar filling the room as the crowd was chanting “Slayer” in anticipation to get their faces rocked. Anthrax was also such an amazing opening act, as vocalist Joey Belladonna commanded the crowds attention using his 1/2 mic stand like a baton many times throughout the set. This also wonderfully helped to set the stage for the dramatic set that Slayer brought along for the tour. They used a curtain to project imagery on before the band took stage, and as it dramatically dropped as Slayer ripped into a fast passed set that didn’t stop until the show was over. Metal music I think at times doesn’t get enough credit, but this genre is unique and it’s not angry or aggressive. It’s emotional, honest, and sometimes very therapeutic from a spectator stand point. Enjoy the pics and rock on!


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