USO Red, Rock, and Blue 2016 @ The Pageant – September 23rd, 2016

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This year marked the 3rd year I’ve covered the USO Red, Rock, and Blue show at The Pageant. This year was unique because it happened to feature two prominent St. Louis acts, and one national act from the UK. Hush List and Story of the Year represented St. Louis in such a triumphant manor, and the boys from “across the pond” The Struts came out of the gates like a hurricane.

The Hush List is kind of a combination of local musicians whose roots stem from past acts that have left the scene. They have a sound that is open, and can’t be lumped into a specific genre which I think is what has lead to them having a growing fan base. They opened the show, and were a prefect fit to get the audience primed for the other two acts. They are also playing an opening slot on The Highly Suspect show on 10/13 at Delmar Hall, and I would suggest that you don’t miss it!

The Struts are an act from England that are kind of up and coming. I feel they caused quite the commotion at the show as front man Luke Spiller has this early Mick Jagger, meets Dr. Frank-N-Furter, meets Joan Jett vibe going on. It is quite entertaining and the energy he put off is undeniable as it caused the crowd to clap, whistle, and scream throughout their entire set. These guys are going to be huge and I expect to see them in a headlining capacity the next time they visit the STL.

Story of the Year is becoming such an epic act, and almost a right of passage for a St. Louis music fan to experience live. If you see one of their shows you are guaranteed to see three things: at least on back flip from a band member, rock star jumps that send members airborne well over the height of the drum riser, and crowd surfing. It’s pretty much an octane driven rock show that you will soon not forget. They have became a staple in our local music scene, and it’s awesome to see the appreciation they have for the love our city has for them.

To sum it up the USO Red, Rock, and Blue is always a great concert supporting an organization that does so much for our military personnel and their families. Be sure to catch it next year if you missed out this time around!


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