Amos Lee @ The Pageant – September 27th, 2016

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As house photographer at The Pageant I try not to be very subjective when I choose the shows I photograph each month. In fact I try to have an even mix of well known and less known acts on my schedule, and Amos Lee is a prime example of someone I clumped in my “unfamiliar with” artist category. Nights like this are also very humbling as it reminds me that I in fact don’t know everything about music and in fact my scope is really limited to the rock genre. When I walked in the venue it was awesome to see that Amos Lee is actually very well known, especially with the ladies. If you are a single man this would have been the show you wanted to be at. Amos’ stage presence is very cool and collected, exuding a sense of confidence for what he does and I dig that. No sooner did the lights go down the ladies started screaming. I was also pleasantly surprised with the variety of styles he had going for him in his songs. I still can’t really put my finger on what I would classify his music as, Wikipedia classifies him as Soul/Folk music but there were more layers to it than just those two components. The lighting was also great and I walked away with a new artist to add to my Spotify list of song catalogs to digest. If you were there I know you enjoyed the show and I’m happy I picked this one to attend!


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