Stir @ Delmar Hall – September 30th, 2016

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This evening was special for two reasons, first being that it was the opening night of Delmar Hall and secondly it was featuring Stir! Stir is an act that formed locally in 1994 while the three members were attending college at Mizzou, and they had great success with their self-titled release that came out in 1996. The first single “Looking For” charted #8 on the Billboard main stream rock charts and thrusted them into the national rock scene. Locally they have always been totted as one of the great original rock acts to come out of St. Louis, and they had a growing career with the release of their second record Holy Dogs in 2000. Unfortunately their career was short lived as the band broke up in November of 2005 after vocalist/guitarist Andy Schmidt and bassist Kevin Gagnepain played an acoustic gig at The Pageant. Since then Kevin has been active in many local projects, mostly known for being a member of the Pink Floyd tribute band, El Monstero. I feel like ever since then St. Louis has been craving to see Stir reunite to once again dominate the local rock club scene, as they often played gigs around town. We got a little taste of this when Stir played 1057 The Point’s Way Back Weekend earlier this summer where they were happily welcomed by the crowd and it seemed only fitting to have them be the first band to christen the stage at Delmar Hall. As the band took the stage Friday night the sold out crowd exploded as they opened with the first track of their self-titled record “We Belong”, and the rest of the set just seemed to build with anticipation from there. Delmar Hall was also just perfect for this show and I can’t wait to see more performances here, it truly raises the bar for what we are used to experiencing at other 800 seat venues in town. I also hope to see Stir more active gigging around town and I hope this homecoming show leads to a new record as the band has so much good music to offer us, especially in a time where we are in need of some more substantial rock acts!


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