Thrice @ The Pageant – September 30th, 2016

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This was an experiment for me as I covered two shows in one night by running back and forth between The Pageant and Delmar Hall, which turned out to be all about timing and set times. Delmar Hall was sold out and was a bit difficult to get in and out of. With Stir being on the same night, and the first show at Delmar Hall I stuck pretty close to the venue, but I was able to catch Thrice’s set at The Pageant.

Thrice is one of these acts that have been around from a bit, forming in 1998, and has always had a niche fan base in the metal/heavy rock genre. They are also a band that has done a extremely fantastic job of marketing as I find more people know their name than they actually know their music. That being said the fan base they do have are hardcore about the band, and it was fun to observe this walking into the venue. This is actually one of those times where I could feel the hate burning through the back of my head as the fans didn’t want anything to come between them and their band, many times I felt people trying to brush my head out of their way. I tried to be discrete while shooting and I got the hell out of the pit as soon as I could. Lighting was a challenge, but I feel I walked away with a good handful of images to represent the power this band displays live.

In October I will have many doubleheaders ahead of me, and I look forward to the challenge of covering as many shows as I can this month!


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