The Head and the Heart @ The Pageant – October 3rd, 2016

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The Head and the Heart is a band I actually photographed one other time in 2012 at Lollapalooza, in which I remember having a great time. Their music is often upbeat and it was fantastic to experience on a warm summer day in Grant Park. I have a couple of their releases in my music library, and last month they just released their 3rd record titled “Signs of Light” which was proudly displayed in neon lights as the back drop of their set on Monday night at The Pageant. There was also this living room vibe to their stage set up with plants placed at the front and in back of the stage. They also had random pieces of material hanging from their mic and music stands that reminded me of pieces of vintage furniture. If I were to sum up this band in one word it would be “comfortable”, and if your familiar with them it’s a great way to explain their sound. Their music has this underlining theme that unity, relationships, and music are on this earth to comfort the soul. It very much felt like the band was a host welcoming you into their home, and I dug the happy vibe that filled the room.


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