Saint Motel @ Delmar Hall – October 10th, 2016

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Saint Motel is an act that in the last year or two has came through town about three times now. This show actually made for the third time I’ve photographed this act, but it was unique as it is the first time I’ve photographed them in a headlining capacity. Each time I’ve seen this act I could see their fan base growing stronger and stronger, and in fact I won’t be surprised if they end up headlining The Pageant the next time they come through town. For me this band represents everything that makes up the new “younger” breed of indie rock bands that I’m slowly becoming a little too old for. Not to knock this act at all, their live show is phenomenal and their songs have a lot of energy. I would have to say my only complaint with them, and indie acts similar to them, is the overtone of pop mixed into the rock sound they produce. It can be catchy as hell sometimes, but I’m finding that this type of rock music isn’t always my cup of tea. That being said I’ve enjoyed seeing this act live all three times I’ve had the opportunity to. This show in particular they commanded the stage like the successful national act that they are, and were absolutely perfect to see in a venue like Delmar Hall. Enjoy the pics, I had a great time snapping them!


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